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Clubs and Activities

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  Start Date/Time/Location



Ms Sleppy     

3:05 Mon & Wed/Room 201





Breakfast Club 


 start September 8th


7:30-8:15am Mon.- Fri. 
Library. Use back door 







Culture Club


Angelo Katasse 

Mondays 3:05-4:20 Room 206







Student Council 


Ms Sleppy



Homework Club



  3-4:20 Library



Books 2 Boards

Winter/3:05 Mon./Commons



BAM Activities


see attachment

what is BAM  2nd fall schedule




Rifle Club

Ms Fairchild,
Mr Dorsey

 Dec. 18- Feb, 15  Mon-Thurs 3pm 


Battle of the Books All Grades

Sheila Degener


 starts October 9th meets during lunch every Friday

 Meet in   Library

Math Help Desk

John Wade

 starts October 9th

meets after school

Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Mr. Wade's  room  #97. 



Lego League

Carl Greene

Starts October 6th  meets Tuesdays 3:05

 Meets in   Rm 307

Spelling Bee


Each language arts class is entitled to send one delegate

Musical/Drama Club

Ms. Smyth

 November 16th

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Sports Team

8 months ago

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Start Date/Meeting time/Location


Boys and Girls Soccer

 Marissa Bernard and John Wade

 August 24th- Oct 10th/3:05-4:25 M-TH/Field

parent letter




Cross Country Running Coed

 Jess Cobley Kelly Hansen

August 24th - Oct 9th/3:05 M-TH/

 parent letter



Robert Casperson

 October 10th - Dec 5th/4:30-6:00pm    M-TH/Gym

 parent l




  John Sleppy

October 10th- Dec 5th/3:05-4:30/




Dance Team:Coed

Tiffany Mahle

Dec. 11- Feb. 17. Mon-Thurs. 

7-8 am Gym




Ken Brown and
Chris Heidemann

Dec. 11/3:05-5:30 M-F/Gym



Jessica Cobley 

Feb 20th/3:05-5:00 M-F/Gym



Track and Field:Coed

Kevin Hamrick, Robert Casperson, Chris Heidemann

April 16th /3:05-4:25 M-TH/Field 






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What is BAM
In addition to school-sponsored activities, B.A.M. (Body & Mind, Before/After Middle School), a student-named program of diverse community-based activities, is offered throughout the year by the Juneau Afterschool Coalition (JASC) in partnership with Dzantik’i Heeni and Floyd Dryden middle schools.

B.A.M. activities are based on student preference surveys and have included everything from judo and cooking to art studios, babysitting training, driver’s permit training, archery, yoga, Jr. Police Academy and more. Activities are provided by community organizations and individuals and are free for all students. Grade checks are not required and healthy snacks are served at every session.

JASC is a partnership of 18 local organizations committed to strengthening Juneau’s youth with sustainable, community-based, fun and enriching before and after school activities. Family involvement is welcome. Contact the B.A.M. coordinator at 796-5811.