What is BAM!?

In addition to school-sponsored activities, BAM (Body & Mind) After School Activities, offers a diverse, eclectic selection of volunteer- led activities throughout the year. BAM is a partnership of the Zach Gordon Youth Center, Juneau Parks & Recreation, and Dzantik’i Heeni and Floyd Dryden middle schools.

BAM! Activities are based on student surveys and volunteer interest. Activities have included everything from judo and cooking to art studios, babysitting training, driver’s permit training, archery, yoga, Jr. Police Academy and more.

All Activities are free for all students and take place after school from 3:30 PM - 5:00 PM. COVID mitigations are in place to ensure the safety of participants and volunteers. Grade checks are not required and healthy snacks are served at every session. Activity buss is available and picks up at 4:25 from the school.

BAM is always looking for new volunteers to share their hobbies and interests. Contact us with any questions or concerns at <BAM@juneau.org.>

Find Floyd Dryden program information at https://juneau.org/parks-recreation/zach-gordon/bam#FDMS